How to Apply Cologne:
Tips to Have the Perfect Scent

How to Apply Cologne

A nice smelling cologne can set a man apart from the crowd and create a lasting first impression. Besides your clothes and appearance, many people notice your smell first. An overwhelming smell of cologne can be off putting and have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. While spraying too little can defeat the entire purpose of wearing cologne. The key to making the most of your cologne is finding the sweet spot. That is what we will discuss in this article. 

After learning the pulse points, different types of colognes, and the perfect amount of sprays, you will start to notice a lot more benefits from your cologne. These benefits will include a better smell, longer lasting smell, and more compliments from the people around you. 

So you went to your local department store or shopped online, purchased a cologne that you liked and are ready to wear it out for the first time. How many sprays should I do? Where should I spray my cologne? How many sprays is too much? All of these questions are very common and will be answered during this complete guide to spraying cologne. 

Firstly, note that every cologne is different. There are fresh summer scents, spicy winter scents, and many other types of colognes. In general, a spicy scent will be stronger and therefore require less sprays to be effective. On the other hand, a fresh scent will be weaker and possibly require more sprays to be effective. Keep this in mind as you think about how to use your cologne to get the most out of it. 

General Rule

As a very general rule, 3-6 sprays is the sweet spot. If the cologne you’re using is a heavier and spicier cologne, then you will stay on the lower side of this range, and if your cologne is a fresher and lighter scent, then you will fall on the higher side of this range. 

What is a Cologne?

A cologne is defined as a mixture of alcohol and and fragrance oils. There are three main types of colognes, the most common is the Eau de toilette. 

An EDT has a concentration of about 10% and is usually the most affordable type of cologne. Next, an Eau de Parfum has a concentration of 15-20% and is slightly more expensive and stronger smelling than an EDT. Lastly, there are Parfums, a Parfum has a concentration of 25% and is the most expensive cologne out of the three. 

Look at your bottle of cologne and check what type it is, if it is an EDT, then you will need more sprays. If it is a Parfum, you will need to use less sprays. 

As far as how cologne works, when it is sprayed the fragrance projects different notes. These notes are what defines the cologne’s scent and what your nose will pick up from that cologne. 

There are different layers of notes that exist in each cologne, the top notes are the notes that you will smell typically within the first 30 minutes to an hour of spraying your cologne. As time goes on, the cologne’s middle notes will be more pronounced and the top notes will fade into the background of the scent. 

Finally, toward the dry down the base notes will be at the forefront of the scent. Shortly after that, the cologne’s smell will fade completely. This process can last anywhere from 3-9 hours depending on your cologne. 

Now that you know the differences between the three types of colognes, it is time to discuss exactly how to apply your cologne for the best results. 

Pulse Points

There are multiple different pulse points on the human body. A pulse point is an area that on the body that is hotter than the rest. These areas include your underarms, groin area, shoulders, neck, and wrist.

Although all of these pulse points exist, only a couple of them will be effective places for cologne. Obviously, spraying your groin with cologne is not going to be as effective as spraying your neck. 

When discussing fragrance, the points you will want to apply cologne to will be your neck, shoulders, and inner wrist. This way you’re entire upper body will project your scent in a way that’s not too intrusive. 

One extra tip is to spray the back of your hair, this can give you a nice scent trail as you’re walking past people. Also, many people suggest not to spray cologne on clothes, but it can be effective if you want the scent to last a bit longer. I would recommend only one spray max on clothes. 

With that being said, let’s go over a step by step guide on how to apply your fragrance. 

How to Apply your Cologne (Step by Step)

Step One

  • Determine if your cologne is an EDT, EDP, or Parfum
  • EDT: 4-6 Sprays
  • EDP: 3-4 Sprays
  • Parfum:3 Sprays

Step Two

  • Make sure your skin is moisturized
  • If your skin is fully moisturized, the cologne will last longer

Step Three

  • Make sure to spray from 3-6 inches away
  • This is the range that will allow for all of the fragrance to end up on your skin

Step Four

  • Depending on your type of cologne, spray 1-2 sprays on each of the following pulse points
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Inner Wrist

Step Five

  • Let the cologne Sit, do not rub the cologne onto your skin 
  • The cologne will dry onto your skin in a couple of minutes or less

Step Six

  • If you feel like the scent isn’t strong enough, spray one more time either onto the clothes on your chest, or on the back of your hair

Step Seven

  • Move on with your day and enjoy your cologne!

How to Store your Cologne

Store your cologne(s) in a cool and dark area. Usually a closet, drawer, or shelf will work best. Sun and heat can damage your cologne and make it last a lot shorter and smell a lot weaker. If you store your cologne correctly, it should last you anywhere from 2-5 years. 

How to Choose the Best Cologne for You

Choosing the right cologne comes down to many factors. How strong do you want it to be? What occasion are you wearing it for? What season will it perform best in? What are the notes in the fragrance? It can be very difficult to figure out the answers to these questions. 

That’s why Mr. Manscape has many guides that will help you pick out the best cologne for your personal needs. From office fragrances, winter scents, and the most affordable colognes, we’ve got you covered. Check Out our lists and reviews to see what fits best for you. 

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