How to Shave for the First Time: The Best Tips for a Great First Shave

How to Shave for the First Time for Men (Full Guide)

Picture this, you’re looking in the mirror in high school, and all of the sudden you notice that you are starting to grow facial hair. We all remember the first time this happened. From that point on, shaving becomes a part of  your skin care and hygiene routine. Starting off, it’s easy to make many mistakes that result in dry skin, razor burn, and even razor burn. If you are preparing to shave for the first time or want to make sure you’ve been doing it correctly, Read closely

Step One: Wash your Face with Warm Water

  • Take a Warm Shower 
  • Wash your face with warm water for about 30-60 seconds
  • Pat your Skin dry with a towel

Step Two: Get Your Skin Ready

  • Find a Shaving Cream that you love. 
  • Gently apply the shaving cream, keep rubbing it onto your face until a thick foam or lather is present. 
  • Make sure every spot that you want to shave is covered by your shaving cream

Step 3: Warm the Razor

  • To get your Razor in optimal condition for your skin, you should let hot water run over the blades for about 30 seconds to a minute. 
  • Once you feel that the razor has been warmed up enough, it is now ready to glide across your skin in the safest way possible. 

Step 4: Start to Shave your Face

  • Start near the top of where your shaving cream is, it is recommended that you start with small strokes. 
  • Make sure that you shave with the grain, meaning that you shave in the direction the hair is going, which usually just means shaving down. 
  • Wash your razor blades as needed, if you notice lots of hair in between the blades, take a second to run it under hot water to rinse it off. 
  • Make sure that you have shaved every area where shaving cream was applied. 

Step 5: Protecting your Skin Post Shave

  • As soon as you finish shaving your face, immediately wash your face with cold water. This will help to keep your face moisturized so that it doesn’t become too dry. 
  • Pat your face dry with a towel, make sure to be very gentle while doing this. 
  • Once your face is dry and clean, apply either an aftershave lotion or a moisturizer if you have one.

Step 6: Preparing for the Next Shave

  • Make sure to thoroughly wash your razor so that it doesn’t get dirty.
  • Put away all of your shaving supplies in a clean and safe place.

Things to Keep in Mind

Shaving for the first time can be a process that is difficult. There are many different shaving preferences that men have and that can affect the quality of your shave. In general, you want to have a high quality razor that won’t leave your skin with any nicks or cuts. In the past, the razor that was most common was the safety razor. This razor is very simple, containing only two blades on opposite sides. It is a great choice if you enjoy simplicity and don’t want to overwhelm yourself. However, the newer and simpler model is the cartridge razor. This style is discussed in the next section.

What You'll Need

The razor that is most common in today’s age is the cartridge razor. These razors usually contain five blades and some type of skin guard to prevent unnecessary drag on your skin. Ultimately it is up to personal preference, but many new shavers opt for the multiple blade razor design. It is safer for new shavers because the blades are less sharp than the safety razor and the skin guards help protect your skin as well.

As far as shaving cream, there are two main types: Shaving foam and shaving gel. Typically, shaving gel works by placing a small amount on your face, then rubbing around your face until a rich lather forms. On the other hand, a shaving foam is not as thick so it generally does not provide your skin with as much protection. For new shavers, it is recommended that you use a shaving gel. These are far more common than shaving foam and can be found at any grocery store or online. They are also more inexpensive than most shaving foams. 

Lastly, it is recommended that you also get an aftershave cream or lotion. After Shave is an amazing tool to keep your face moisturized and protected after a shave. It is usually quite inexpensive as well. With that being said, let’s recap what we learned from this shaving guide. 


Overall, shaving for the first time can be a frightening experience. However, with the right steps in place, you can be on your way to shaving confidently every day. Whether you are about to shave for the first time or needed an update to your routine, I hope you were able to find some value in this guide on how to shave for the first time.