Meridian vs. Manscaped:
Which is the Best Pubic Hair Trimmer in 2022?

Meridian vs. Manscaped:
How did we get Here?

Merdian vs Manscaped : How Did We Get Here?

Pubic hair Trimmers have increased significantly in popularity in the last five years. Manscaping has become a standard that is accepted by most men in modern society, as well as women. A study done by Manscaped found that 80-90% of women prefer that men trim their pubic hair. Do Women like Pubic Hair? So this means that manscaping and pubic hair trimming is at an all time high. 

The trend of male grooming and pubic hair trimming opened a market for companies so start making their own specialized pubic hair trimmers. From hundreds of pubic hair trimmers, the two brands that have reached the top are meridian grooming and manscaped. Both of these products are state of the art pubic hair trimmers with waterproof capability. We’ve all known of the rivalries between Target and Walmart, coke and Pepsi, apple vs android, but now we have the biggest rivalry yet… Meridian vs Manscaped.  

All jokes aside, it is important to consider which features set each trimmer apart from each other. From charging time to skin-safe technology, we are going to determine the best ounce for ounce pubic hair trimmer in 2022. Mr. Manscape has developed a series of conditions in which both of these trimmers were tested on. Each trimmer will get a point or no point for each section, and the winner will be declared once and for all. This is the official competition of meridian vs manscaped.

How to Use a Ball Trimmer

Using a ball trimmer is a very delicate process. The last thing any man wants to nick or cut themselves below the belt. After using a razor or basic hair clippers to shave down there, you realize that a trimmer dedicated to pubic hair is needed.

There are multiple different guard lengths on both of these trimmers, so you will be taken care of no matter if you enjoy a close shave or enjoy leaving a bit of hair. Choose the desired guard length and begin.

Step One

  • Get in the shower with your trimmer (shaving in the shower is not required but is recommended)
  • Make sure your body is clean and wet
  • Use the trimmer guard for the safest shave possible

Step Two (Pubic Area)

  • Turn on the trimmer
  • Begin Shaving your pubic area
  • Use the back of the razor to glide against your skin
  • Shave against the grain

Step Three (Balls)

  • Pull your shaft out of the way
  • Make sure the skin is tight
  • Begin trimming your balls, go very slowly
  • One area at a time

Step Four

  • Turn off the trimmer
  • Put it back on its charging dock
  • You have now trimmed your pubic area successfully!

Can These Ball Trimmers Cut You?

The short answer is yes, if you’re not careful enough you can potentially cut yourself with these trimmers. To minimize this risk, use the guard that the trimmer provides. If you are not using the guard, know that you will have to be extra careful and measured with your trimming routine. 

With that being said, both of these pubic hair trimmers are designed with features to specifically protect against cuts and nicks. As long as you’re careful and follow the guide above, your skin should be safe from nicks and cuts. 

Why These Trimmers are the New Trend for Manscaping and Pubic Hair Grooming

These trimmers have the best skin-safe technology and are the easiest to use for pubic hair trimming. Many people have not gone back to other methods after trying these two products. Also, as we discussed earlier, the majority of women prefer men who keep a trimmed pubic region. This desired look has caused men to hop on board with these manscaping norms. 

The Head to Head Comparison

Now that we’ve covered the meaning behind these pubic hair trimmers and how to use them, let’s find out which one is better overall. We’ve compared these two devices in every important factor from design to battery life and given each one a score from 1 to 10. Here is meridian vs manscaped in each category.

Meridian vs. Manscaped Meridian Manscaped
Simple 8/10
More unique 9/10
Sufficient 8.5/10
Sufficient 8.5/10
Great Value 10/10
Slightly Expensive 7/10
Battery Life
Good 8.5/10
Good 8.5/10
Return Policy
30 Days
30 Days
1 Year
90 Days
How to Purchase

Individual Review of Each Device

Now that we’ve compared the features of each device side by side, lets get a more in depth idea of how each product performs and what it is like to use each device. 

In the search for the best razor for men’s pubic area, it is no surprise that Manscaped took the first spot. Manscaped is a brand that has taken over the manscaping industry, with their funny advertisements and always evolving products, they never fail to improve throughout the years. It is no different here with their newest trimmer release: The lawnmower 4.0

This device has the same reliability as the previous lawnmower designs, except they have made major improvements in the user experience. The device now has wireless charging, an easy to replace blade head, better waterproof capability, and improved LED light functionality. The lawn mower 4.0 is super easy to use and with its skin-safe technology, you should never need to worry about nicking or cutting yourself down there. 

With that being said, manscaped is a top tier grooming tool for men in 2022, and especially effective for pubic hair trimming. 

Manscaped: Lawn Mower 4.0

Best Features:

  • LED Light
  • Waterproof
  • Skin-safe technology
  • Replaceable Blades
  • Wireless Charging
  • Travel Lock
  • 90 Minute Battery Life

Along with Manscaped, Meridian is another brand that strives to promote manscaping and Men’s grooming. Their trimmer is a great device for below the belt grooming. It includes two adjustable combs, a brush for cleaning, a usb charger, and an LED charging indicator. Since the trimmer is especially designed for the pubic area, it has an anti-nick shaving guard to protect against any possible nicks or cuts. Lastly, it is designed to work both in and out of water, so no matter if you’re dry or wet, you will get the most use out of this trimmer.

This trimmer has a very simple design that is easy to use. Another plus is that this trimmer comes with a 1 year warranty to protect you from any damage. This trimmer does exactly what it says it does and will make the manscaping process effortless. 

If you’re in need of a trimmer that is specifically designed for pubic hair trimming and grooming, then Meridian is one of the best you can get. 

The Trimmer by Meridian

Best Features:

  • Waterproof
  • 90 Minute Battery Life
  • Sensitive Shaver Technology
  • Cordless
  • Easy to Replace Blades
  • Easy to Use

The Best Value Package from Each Brand

Meridian vs Manscaped, which package is better? While purchasing a trimmer alone from one of these brands is a great start toward a solid manscaping routine, the packages are the best deals. Both of these brands offer a starter pack that includes a trimmer along with other tools such as extra guards or ball deodorant. While these packages aren’t necessary, they will get you the most benefit out of these ball trimmers. 

Manscaped Perfect Package 4.0 includes the Lawnmower 4.0, an anti-chafing ball deodorant, a ball spray toner, travel bag, shaving mats, and pair of boxers. This is definitely worth it for a small increase in price from just purchasing the trimmer alone. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you get the subscription, you’ll save money on this package. The subscription includes a replacement blade shipped to you every three months. 

While this package is expensive at around $100, it is definitely worth it to get the most out of the manscaped experience. 

Meridian’s package includes two extra trim guards, ball spray, and the trimmer itself. While this package does not offer as much as the manscaped package, it comes at a much cheaper price of $85. Meridian also offers a subscription program in which you will receive a trim guard and ball spray. 

Purchasing with the subscription program will give you a $15 discount on the package. Meridian’s package is definitely worth it for the added benefits and only a small increase in price. 

Mr. Manscape's Final Verdict

It is time to decide the winner in the case of meridian vs manscaped. Both of these products are fantastic for pubic hair trimming and should be in your bathroom. However, we have to pick only one winner of the best ball trimmer in 2022. Our pick is the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0. 

It has a better brand overall and much better features such as the LED light and newer design. In our experience, both trimmers will get the job done, but if as far as overall user experience the nod goes to manscaped. Additionally, their package deal has far more grooming products than meridian and we believe manscaped is a brand that will continue to innovate in the future. 

Manscaped is already on their fourth trimmer design while meridian only has come out with one model thus far. For longevity of the brand, we trust that manscaped will continue to impress by improving their product yeare after year.

Our Pick: