The Five Most Complimented Colognes of All Time

What is the most complimented cologne?

In the world of colognes and fragrances, there are tons of options to choose from. From heavy spicy scents to fresh and light summer scents, there is always a cologne that is perfect for a certain situation. 

When looking to purchase a new cologne, many factors come into play. Do you want to the most versatile scent? Do you want a scent that will last long? Do you want a crowd pleasing scent? In this article, all of those questions will be answered. 

Today we will discuss the most complimented cologne of all time. More specifically, the top five of all time. These are the classics, the greats, and the most popular scents in the fragrance world. From versatility, scent trail, uniqueness, there will be a cologne that is the best of the best in its individual category. 

As we compiled this list, we had to make a lot of cuts. We set out out to find the five most complimented colognes, meaning that each one of these scents had to be proven and without doubt. 

A cologne is something that can withstand the test of time. I’m sure you can remember a time where you passed by someone and noticed their cologne. The sense of smell is very powerful and can crate a great first impression and will be something people remember you by. That is why having a top of the line cologne is crucial. 

Each of these scents is a high quality fragrance that has been performing well for a long time. Some will be very popular while others might be more unique. However, no matter the scent, you will find a cologne that fits your personality and personal needs. 

Best Cologne All Around

Blue de Chanel is the most versatile and complimented cologne of all time. It became very popular for its strong grapefruit opening and smooth incense dry down. This is a scent that you can where anytime anywhere and know that you will receive compliments. It is hands down the most complimented cologne of all time. 

Bleu de Chanel

Best Features:

  • Long Lasting
  • Versatile
  • Crowd Pleasing
  • Moderate Sillage
  • High Quality
  • Masculine

Best Work/Office Cologne

This cologne screams professionalism. It is a scent that is very luxurious and sharp with notes of iris, sandalwood, and patchouli. Prada L’Homme is a great choice for anyone who wants a fragrance that will perform well in the work place and leave a great impression. 

Prada L’Homme 

Best Features:

  • Long Lasting
  • Mature
  • Fresh and Clean Scent
  • Balanced
  • Crowd Pleasing

Best Going Out/Clubbing Scent

Eros has been widely known as the king of clubbing for years. It has a strong opening of green apple and mint and dries down into tonka bean and a sweet vanilla. A cologne like this should not be worn if you’re looking to remain in the background. If you’re going out for the night and want to stand out from the crowd, this is the cologne for that. For attracting attention and turning heads, pick up a bottle of Versace Eros. 

Versace Eros

Best Features:

  • Attention Grabbing
  • Strong Scent
  • Heavy Sillage
  • Sweet and Masculine
  • Crowd Pleasing

Best Affordable Cologne

While expensive colognes can have great scents that get lots of compliments, inexpensive colognes can also be compliment beasts. Dolce and Gabana Light blue is a scent that is very inexpensive but still performs like any other high quality scent. It opens with grapefruit and bergamot and dries down into incense and musk. This is the perfect cologne to get if you want to receive compliments while not spending a pretty penny.

Light Blue

Best Features:

  • Affordable
  • Moderate Projection
  • Moderate Performance
  • Fresh and Aromatic

Best Unique Cologne

This is one of the most unique compliment getting colognes for men. This is a very high quality scent and happens to be one of the cheaper fragrances on this list. For a sweet, fresh, and unique cologne that will garner attention and compliments, get yourself a bottle of Toy Boy. 

Toy Boy

Best Features:

  • High Quality
  • Unique
  • Sweet and Fresh
  • Day Time Scent
  • Long Lasting


Getting a new cologne is a great decision and can increase your confidence and attractiveness. The most important factors to consider are scent, longevity, sillage, and versatility. In this review, each cologne on our list has superior performance and will last at least 6 hours. As far as versatility; whether you are going to work or going out to dinner, these colognes will not let you down. Mr. Manscape’s picks for the  five most complimented colognes were the best of the best in each specific category. Through years of experience, these scents have proven to be the most crowd pleasing and complimented of all time. 

In your quest to find the most complimented cologne, we hope you were able to find your next signature scent. 

If you are new to cologne, we have an informational guide on How to Apply Cologne. 

In general, 3-6 sprays will be the range where you will get the most benefit out of your cologne. Anything more than that can be too overwhelming and actually give others a bad impression. However, for the full guide, check out that article. 

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