The Best Cheap Cologne in 2022:
Get Noticed Even on a Budget

Best Cheap Cologne for Men

While we all love unique scents that embody wealth and sophistication, it can get very expensive to collect these types of scents. Most of us are looking for an affordable cologne that can still give us confidence and recognition. The term “cheap cologne” may have had a bad reputation in the past, but in today’s world there are many “cheap colognes” that smell amazing and will get you lots of compliments. 

Cologne is something that can give you confidence and enhance your overall impression on someone. One issue is that cologne is generally very expensive. We set out to solve this problem by researching the best smelling cheap colognes for men. Almost all of these colognes will be under the $50 price point. 

Before we get into the list, keep in mind that in general you will want to spray 3-5 sprays of cologne on yourself. The best place to spray cologne is your pulse points, These include your neck, shoulders, and inner forearm/wrist. 

With that being said, here are Mr. Manscape’s picks for the best cheap colognes in 2022. There is a cologne included for almost every scenario and situation. What is the best cheap cologne for men in 2022? Lets get into it…

The 10 Absolute Best Cheap Colognes for Men

The Best Selling Cheap Cologne

The most popular cheap cologne is Nautica Voyage. Year after year, it remains to be the number one selling cologne on Amazon, and for good reason. This scent has apple as its top note and musk, cedar, and amber in the base. It is classified as a fresh fragrance that is very crowd pleasing and inoffensive. For a cheap cologne, it lasts a very long time with around 8 hours of projection. If you’re looking for a scent that smells amazing and works in just about any situation, and is priced at only $19 per bottle, then pick up a bottle of Nautica Voyage. It is one of the best cheap colognes for men of all time. 

Nautica Voyage

Best Features:

  • Crowd pleasing
  • Low price
  • Fresh
  • Casual
  • 8+ Hours of Longevity

The Best Cheap Cologne Overall

Versace is no stranger to top ten lists in terms of cologne. They will always be one of the best fragrance houses because of their ability to diversify. It is no different this time with Versace Pour Homme. This scent contains top notes of lemon, bergamot, and base notes of tonka bean, musk, and amber. This is a scent that will be universally well liked and get you many compliments on a daily basis. At a price of just $35 per bottle, this scent is an absolute steal. 

Versace Pour Homme

Best Features:

  • Versatile
  • 6-7 Hours of Longevity
  • Crowd Pleasing
  • Fresh and Clean
  • Easy to wear

The Best Cologne for the Office

Picture the business man that walks around in a suit carrying extreme confidence with everything he does. This is the attitude that F by Ferragamo carries. It is a fresh and spicy fragrance that smells a lot more expensive than it actually is. It contains top notes of lavender and apple and dries down with Tonka bean in the base. This is a scent that is bold and loud, carrying a longevity of 6+ hours. If you want a professional scent that will get you noticed at work or in the office without having to put a hole in your wallet, then F by Ferragamo should be in your collection. 

F by Ferragamo

Best Features:

  • Office Friendly
  • Strong Scent
  • Masculine
  • Spicy
  • 6+ hours of longevity

The Best Sweet Cologne

Bentley for Men Intense is a fantastic cologne for the cheap price of $35.  There was no debate including it in the list of best cheap cologne for men. It has a very strong sweetness coming from the rum, cinnamon, and incense notes. From the perspective of quality, performance, longevity, and versatility, this scent exceeds expectations at such a low price point. This is a very masculine scent that falls more on the mature side of the scale. It also projects for around 8 hours, which is perfect for a work day or long social gathering. If you’re an adult looking for a signature scent that won’t break the bank, you need to get your hands on Bently for men Intense. 

Bently for Men Intense

Best Features:

  • 8+ Hours of longevity
  • Sweet
  • Moderate Projection
  • Mature Scent
  • Masculine
  • Formal

The Best Summer Cologne

Perry Ellis 360 Red is a super refreshing scent that works perfectly for the summer time. It opens up with notes of bergamot, lime, mandarin orange, and cinnamon and dries down into vetiver, patchouli and musk. The scent is very citrusy and fresh, which is perfect for those warmer months. Whether you’re hopping out of the shower, going out with friends, or going to work, this scent will work perfectly. Lastly, many people compare this scent to the well known acqua di Gio, which is far more expensive. At a price of only $24 per bottle, this is a fantastic cheap cologne to have in your summer collection.

Perry Ellis 360 Red

Best Features:

  • Summer time scent
  • Fresh and Spicy
  • Works in Any Situation
  • 6+ hours of performance
  • Similar Scent to Acqua di Gio

The Best Fall Cologne

The One EDT is a great fall scent that won’t break the bank. This is a scent that you wouldn’t think fits into the category of best cheap cologne for men because of how luxurious it smells. It is a very sweet scent; containing notes of tobacco, amber, and cardamomb. This scent has a high compliment potential and is perfect for evenings and date nights. The only downside is that it only performs for about 2-3 hours. The one EDT is one of the most popular designer fragrances and for a price of only $50, it is a great buy. 

The One EDT

Best Features:

  • Date scent
  • Night time scent
  • Crowd Pleasing
  • Sweet

The Best Winter Cologne

CK One Shock is the definition of a great winter scent. It is a strong, masculine, tobacco fragrance that smells amazing. This cologne has top notes of Lavender and clementine, while in the dry down containing strong notes of tobacco, amber, and patchouli. This scent is extremely unique and will definitely turn some heads in your direction. Lastly, it is super cheap and affordable at only around $49 for a 3.4oz bottle that will last you a long time.  If you want a cold weather scent that will instill confidence, I highly recommend you pick up a bottle of Ck One Shock. 

CK One Shock

Best Features:

  • Cold weather scent
  • Very Inviting Scent
  • High Quality
  • Unique
  • 5+ hours of Longevity

The Best Spring Cologne

UOMO Casual Life is the definition of simplicity is the key to success. It has the perfect fragrance DNA for spring weather with top notes like lemon and cardamom and base notes like musk, cashmere wood, and cedar. This is a scent that will attract attention because of its unique mixture of citrus and coffee notes. It has a moderate projection and longevity of about 3+ hours. Whether you are out for a walk or having a picnic at the park, UOMO Casual Life will fit in perfectly with those spring activities. 

UOMO Casual Life

Best Features:

  • Spring time Scent
  • Great Scent Trail
  • Fresh and Sweet
  • Easy to Wear for Any Occasion

The Best Clubbing Cologne

212 VIP is one of the best scents for going out. If you’re going out to a bar or club and want to be noticed, this scent will do the job. It is also one of the strongest colognes on this list with a longevity of 8+ hours. Another nice thing about 212 VIP is that it will stand out from other common clubbing colognes because it is not as well known. At its current price, this cheap cologne is very undervalued. It will get you lots of compliments during a night out and command the attention of the people you’re with. 

212 VIP for Men 

Best Features:

  • Night time Scent
  • Heavy Sillage
  • 8+ Hours of Longevity
  • Unique

The Best Masculine Cologne

This fragrance contains notes of coffee, tonka, whiskey, and cinnamon, and leather; which explains why it is the most masculine cheap fragrance. It had to be included in the list of best cheap cologne for men. It is a fantastic scent for someone looking to smell masculine and project that strong coffee scent. Not only is it masculine smelling, it also carries an elegance to it that makes it smell far more expensive than it actually is. Halloween Man X is also a cologne that is very unique from most other scents. If you’re looking for a fragrance that gets many compliments and carries a strong masculine scent, you can’t go wrong with this cheap cologne. 

Halloween Man X

Best Features:

  • Masculine
  • Strong
  • Long Lasting
  • Unique
  • High quality