The Best Razors for Men in 2021:
For a Clean, Non-Irritating Shave

Best Razors for Men in 2021

There’s nothing worse than having irritated skin after a shave. In this list, we’ve compiled the best razors in 2021. These razors will give you a great shave without the irritation. 

Shaving is something that becomes a part of every man’s routine from that fist shave onward. Through trial and error, most men finally find a razor that they feel comfortable using. This list is for the people who are looking to get a new razor or just want to try something new. Through our research, we have found the best razors for men in 2021. From the best budget razor to the most expensive razor, you will find a razor that is the right fit for you. 

Before we get into the list, we want to cover some basic shaving principles. Firstly, you want to shave after a warm shower when your skin is fully hydrated and warm. Secondly, you want to find a shaving cream that works for your skin. Once you have the right shaving cream, lather your face until every area of your face that you want to shave is covered. Thirdly, let your razor blade sit under warm/hot water for 30 seconds. Finally, you are ready to shave. Make sure to use small strokes and try not to go over the same area multiple times. Once you’ve completed shaving, wash your face with cold water and apply an aftershave or moisturizing lotion. following all of these steps should ensure that you minimize the risk of any irritation to your skin.

Now that we’ve covered all of that, it is time to get into Mr. Manscape’s picks for the best razors for men in 2021. 

The Best Expensive Razor

The first razor on the list of the best razors for men in 2021 is from Gillette. Starting off, we have one of the most expensive razors, The Gillette Heated Razor starter Kit. Everyone loves a hot shave right after the shower, the warm water splashing on your face and applying your favorite shaving cream is a staple in every man’s routine. Gillette takes this concept to a whole new level with their Heated razor. The heating technology takes just seconds to warm up and be ready for a shave. This is one of the most sophisticated razors on the market today, combining old school shaving principles with the new technology that is at our fingertips. While this razor is on the expensive side, its features and benefits will not disappoint.

Key Features: 

Gillette Heated Razor

  • Stainless Steel Warming Bar
  • Flexdisc Technology
  • Adjustable heat (109℉-122℉)
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless Charging 
  • Sleek Handle

The Best Razor Overall

There isn’t a product more well rounded in the razor industry than Harry’s. Harry’s Truman Razor Set is the best overall razor for men in 2021. The starter kit includes a shave gel with aloe that leaves your skin feeling astonishingly smooth. Additionally, you receive a convenient razor guard as well as three razor cartridges. This razor is one of the most affordable razor’s for men in 2021, the starter kit only costs $15. Another bonus is that Harry’s allows  you to set blade purchases to autofill so that you never run out. Overall, I would highly recommend this razor to anyone who is looking for a close, comfortable shave at a very low price. 

Key Features:

Harry’s Truman Razor

  • Lubricating strip
  • Flexible hinge
  • Weighted Handle
  • High quality Swedish Steel
  • Weighted handle
  • Rubber grip

The Best Safety Razor

As you may have seen on Shark Tank, the supply single edge razor has taken over the shaving industry by storm. While many people prefer modern razors with multiple blades, you just can’t beat the classics. Supply’s single edge razor puts a modern day spin on the classic double edge safety razor. This single edge razor is designed to prevent against irritation, nicks, and bumps. To make up for the lack of blades, this razor is twice as thick as modern razor blades so you should have no problem getting a clean cut shave. Conveniently, there is also three separate custom shave settings so that you get exactly the shave you are looking for. 

Key Features:

Supply Single edge

  • Three shave settings
  • Ultra thick blade
  • 8 blades included
  • Available in Alloy or Steel
  • One Blade Design

The Best Cartridge Razor

The simple cartridge razor is a design that has become very popular. The Schick Hyrdo5 is one of the best razors for men in 2021 because of its affordability and coconut oil hydration. The cartridge has coconut oil that works to hydrate the skin as you shave to prevent irritation and dryness. Another plus is that it comes with a built in beard trimmer for those spots you might want to touch up. Overall, this razor is very affordable and easy to use, if you’re into cartridge razors, look no further than the Schick Hydro5. 

Key Features:

Schick Hydro5

  • Hydrating Gel
  • Multiple Blades
  • Precision flip trimmer
  • Prevents Dry Skin

The Best Electric Razor

Electric Razors will always have a place in the Men’s shaving industry. The Philips Norelco Oneblade is the best electric razor for men in 2021 because it can be used to shave both your face as well as your body. Additionally, it can be used with or without shaving cream which is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a shave. The battery lasts approximately 60 minutes which is plenty of time for a face and body shave. There is also different razor guards depending on what length you want to keep or if you’re changing between shaving your facial hair and body hair. The Philips Norelco Oneblade is the perfect fit for anyone who prefers an electric razor for their shaving needs.

Key Features:

Philips Norelco Oneblade

  • Electric
  • 1 hour battery life
  • Face and Body
  • No shaving cream needed
  • Waterproof